Rising Star Meg Mac to Open for D’Angelo



Meg Mac up and coming artist out of Australia has really caught everyones attention lately, and due to that attention she’s been picked up on D’Angelo’s upcoming tour. Which means she’ll be at The Bomb Factory on June 16th when they come to play. As unexpected as it was for her, she’s said she is really excited for the chance to tour with such an iconic artist like D’Angelo. To see this great young artist you can get your tickets here.


Making her debut at SXSW is really what launched Meg Mac into the American music scene. As Buzzfeed, who named Mac their number 1 artist to see at SXSW, put it “(She’s) an Australian singer-songwriter whose soulful, soaring piano ballads are at the forefront of pop’s gospel revival.” After her breakout performance there Meg was picked up on the Clean Bandits tour just a week later. In a Vice article covering her rapid expansion in the American music scene they said “MEG MAC is bringing a new brand of soul music to the table. Heavily influenced by Sam Cooke, MEG MAC pairs her big voice with thoughtful piano songwriting.” In many ways people have compared her to Adele and she’s not one to shy away from the compliment saying “I think I can see where it comes from because she has a big voice and I do too. I really like her, and it’s a big compliment.”

Her self titled debut EP has been hailed as one you don’t want to miss out on. Soulful lyrics paired with a big voice and some peaceful piano create a sound that can only be described as breathtaking. After seeing the positive feedback on this song ‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ she decided to release a music video for her fans. So you’re not going to want to miss her performing any of her great hits so get your tickets and be sure to be at The Bomb Factory on June 16th.