Suicide Bunny’s Vape Party on a Cloud: $15,000 Vape Cloud Contest!


Come party with Suicide Bunny at the biggest vape celebration and competition EVER, featuring Las Vegas DJ royalty Koko+Bayati.


Party in the clouds with Suicide Bunny!

Touch the sky at the biggest and coolest vape celebration to hit the nation. We will boldly go where no one has gone before: a party of sights, sounds and vape clouds as big and vast as the universe with a competition so epic that only The Bomb Factory could contain it.

Start the night with exclusive photo ops with the Suicide Bunny Cloud Angels – Arise, Billow, Revel, and Sky – in the flesh for the first time ever. Then party on with Vegas-style gaming including Blackjack tables where winners can draw for vape-related prizes while sipping an exclusive, new Skyy Vodka cocktail.

Cloud Rules

Cloud Kings and Queens, this is your shot at a wildcard entry to compete against the regional champions in the Suicide Bunny Cloud Competition National Finals.  One person will take home the grand prize of $15,000 and be named the greatest cloud blower in the nation!

The night will go galactic as the genre-shattering sound of one of the top DJ productions in the world takes center stage.  Direct from The Chateau Night Club in Las Vegas, Suicide Bunny brings you KoKo+Bayati…the only DJ duo on a meteoric ride hot enough to spin you out for a night so hype you’ll take flight.

Come to see the biggest cloud competition ever…stay for the party of your life. It’s time to get your wings.