The D.O.C Returns At The Bomb Factory


This past weekend, The Bomb Factory was blown away by performances from The D.O.C, Erykah Badu, Scarface of Getoboys, Mr. Pookie, Big Tuck, A.Dd+, Lady Savage, Pooca Leroy, Nayrok, and Buffalo Black. We had a successful night and would like to thank everyone who came out to party!

The DOC Makes His Rapping Return At Bomb Factory Celebration – Brenna Rushing GuideLive 

  • While we may not have the best known rap scene in the country, Dallas does enjoy an abundance of artists and fans who take pride in the city’s hip-hop traditions. The support and closeness of the scene helped fuel Saturday’s return of a legendary rapper and producer, the D.O.C., to a hometown stage for his first live performance in 20 years.
  • The D.O.C. was accompanied by a swarm of other rappers and artists including Erykah Badu and the Houston legend Scarface. The audience couldn’t contain itself at points, shouting out lines and building on the natural high the appearances created.

The D.O.C Was Dallas Hip-Hop’s Great Unifier At The Bomb Factory on Saturday – Jeremy Hallock Dallas Observer

  • Events like Saturday’s Straight Outta Dallas showcase at The Bomb Factory only come around so often. For legendary rapper the D.O.C., it was a show 25 years in waiting. For Dallas hip-hop, it was a show the likes of which hasn’t been seen before. Generations of local rappers, from Erykah Badu to A.Dd+, joined the D.O.C. for a night that clearly meant a lot to everyone in attendance. It made you proud to be from Dallas.
  • The North Texas music scene may have many components, but being a fan of the D.O.C. seems to be something of a common denominator. It was also clear how much the event meant to the D.O.C., and just how much he loves Dallas. After running through an assortment of songs from his first album, he closed his set with two new songs he wrote a week ago.

The D.O.C Presides Over A Historic Moment For Texas Hip-Hop – Brandon Caldwell Houston Press

  • Whether it was by divine intervention or a buoyancy of hysteria and research post-Straight Outta Compton, Dallas’ extensive hip-hop scene needed one particular night to shine brighter than any other hub in the country. There have been multiple festivals, grassroots movements, and articles thrown up like confetti on major magazines and blog sites. None of it could truly compare to witnessing the return of The D.O.C to the stage and in large part, watching the evolution of Dallas hip-hop as a whole.
  • Flanked by Six-Two, one of the holdovers from Dr. Dre’s 2001 album and beyond, D.O.C. ripped through his classics. 1989’s “Mind Blowin’,” “The D.O.C and The Doctor”, let Six-Two lean on everyone, with his “Xxplosive” verse and other minor wrinkles thrown in. Nomally seeing a ton of people on stage would be a buzzkill for any rap show. But to see Badu sporting a “BY WAY OF DALLAS” track jacket standing next to Erotic D while N.O. Joe was on the other side filming, this was more high school reunion than rap show. When Scarface slid from backstage as either a surprise guest or someone who literally saw D.O.C as an influence, the crowd roared.

Watch The D.O.C. Perform for the First Time in 20 Years in Dallas – Alex Macon DMagazine

  • The D.O.C.’s “Straight Outta Dallas” homecoming show was Saturday night at the Bomb Factory, with Texas music legends like Scarface and Erykah Badu joining the Dallas native and N.W.A. collaborator for his first performance since he got his voice back. It’s a comeback that’s been more than 20 years in the making.
  • The accident and the loss of his voice was, for years, one of the most tragic “what-could-have-been” stories in rap music. Now, it seems like that story will have a happy ending. With some new music to go along with the classics, The D.O.C. is back.


  • The universe can be quite the dramatist. And this past Saturday in Dallas was definitely a powerful act in an unbelievable story, as The D.O.C. played his first show in his home city in a quarter century.
  • The Bomb Factory, the newest and biggest venue in Dallas’s historic Deep Ellum arts district, brought out a literal red carpet for the historic event, which, in keeping with The D.O.C.’s high-profile part in the story of N.W.A. and the blockbuster movie on the group, was called Straight Outta Dallas.
  • DFW gangsta rap The D.O.C. provided The Formula for in the late 80s. It was like a glimpse into an alternate reality of what might have been had one of Dallas’s most important hip-hop ambassadors not been jerked from the spotlight so early.

The D.O.C.’s Return To The Stage Was Epic — Although Not For The Reasons You Maybe Thought. – Porttia Portis CentralTrack

  • [The D.O.C.’s] return to the game at Saturday night’s Straight Outta Dallas show at The Bomb Factory showed just how much he’s really been missed. Fittingly, following the rapper’s 20-year hiatus, the night turned into a grandiose celebration of the city’s hip-hop culture.
  • Thrilling as those offerings were, though, this crowd was clearly most excited at the prospect of welcoming The D.O.C. back into the fold.
  • In the end, it was these moments of the night — the ones in which it felt like a celebration of all things Dallas hip-hop — that shined brightest.