Premiere Boxing Championship At The Bomb Factory Was a Knockout


Charlo (left) throwing a jab at Campfort (right).

Thank you so much to everyone who came out yesterday, November 28th, at The Bomb Factory for our debut boxing event, featuring Charlo vs. Campfort, and Spence vs. Barrera, which premiered live on NBC. Charlo demolished Campfort with a fourth round knockout, while Spence delivered the final blow against Barrera in the fifth round.

Jermall Charlo (23-0, 18 KOs), measuring 6’0”, boasted a slight height advantage against 5 foot 11, Wilky Campfort (21-1, 12 KOs), keeping Campfort at a distance with his jabs. Charlo maintained control for most of the fight, before delivering a perfect left uppercut to Campfort’s left eye, knocking out Campfort in the fourth round.

Undefeated junior IBF middleweight champion, Jermall Charlo, victors over contendor, Wilky Campfort.

“I had a problem getting past his jab,” Campfort said. “Once I got in, he was so much bigger than me and my punches couldn’t really affect him. He controlled the fight with his jab.

“He’s a big guy and a really good fighter. But I felt like I was in there with a light heavyweight. On the last knockdown my eye got blurry and I couldn’t really see. That’s why the ref stopped it.”

Errol Spence Jr and Alejandro Barrera exchanging punches at The Bomb Factory.

Hometown hero, Errol Spence Jr (19-0, 16 KOs), went up against Alejandro Barrera (28-2, 18 KOs) of Mexico. Spence had a six-inch advantage, and focused on delivering hits to Barrera’s sides, eventually wearing him down. By the fourth round, Barrera spent more time running and voiding his opponent than executing punches. One minute and 46 seconds into the fifth round, Spence claimed victory against Barrera with a knockout.

Alejandro Barrera (right) falling back after being hit by Errol Spence Jr (left).

“The body work was really important,” Spence said. “That’s what we train for in the gym, work the body then go to the head. In the first round, I kind of got away from it, but then I went back to it and was able to stop him.”

Spence added, “It’s a great feeling to have that local support. I gave them a little glance. And looking into the crowd, it was just a great feeling to see all those familiar faces, and people’s faces I haven’t seen before, cheering me on.”