The 100 Greatest American Music Venues



The 100 Greatest American Music Venues


Established: 2015
What You’ll See: Explosions in the Sky, Ms. Lauryn Hill

I have toured internationally with a handful of bands on a handful of different tours, going to Europe once and all across the US each time. But there’s only ever been one venue on Earth where the way the venue was set up made the performance noticeably better. At Dallas’ The Bomb Factory, bands have a private lounge with free arcade games, fountain drinks, coffee, and a built-in laundromat, as well as a giant stage with an unparalleled light show. It’s relatively new, so it may not have the history of some of the other co-conspirators on this list, but that’s because it used to be Trees Dallas; since its re-opening and rebranding last year, the 4,300-capacity venue has already hosted the likes of Erykah Badu (who played the first show there) and The Jesus and Mary Chain.

–Dan Bogosian