Don’t miss out on seeing The Neighbourhood live!

10.20.16 genebae

On November 4th The Neighbourhood takes the stage in Dallas for the second time this year, playing hits off of their newest album, “Wiped Out!” Their album was released October 30, 2015, so it will have been a year since it was released! This is sure to be a special show, as they have no other tour dates lined up so far for the rest of the year. The band hasn’t toured since the summer, which means they’ve got to come in with a bang for this show. Each of their shows are spectacular, so I’d expect nothing less for this one. Their shows are hard to explain if you have never seen them live, as they are unlike anything else. They are fantastic, as Jesse’s vocals are killer and the band is extremely talented. They make sure to give every show their all, and they leave nothing behind. A typical The Neighbourhood show is a bunch of energetic, jumping fans all shouting lyrics as Jesse dances around on stage. The performance changes from show to show, year to year, to make sure things are fresh. Another thing that’s noteworthy is Jesse’s stage attire. He always wears the craziest costumes, as one of his main stage outfits includes a large faux fur coat. But somehow, the outrageous clothing makes the shows even better because you never know what they will be wearing.

Something interesting about the band is their use of black and white, as it’s their signature. Everything they post on social media, or even when they do a video, is in black and white. Their clothing is black and white. Their 2014 mixtape was named after it. Even their visuals for shows are black and white. It adds to the mystery that is The Neighbourhood; it’s just a part of who they are. It’s actually amazing how they have stuck with the black and white theme from the beginning, as many bands have tried but don’t put all their effort into it.

Lately, The Neighbourhood hasn’t publicly been up to anything, yet they’ve previously said that they are always working on writing and creating new music. Apart from the band, lead singer Jesse Rutherford announced he was partnering with Wild Flower Cases to release a unique case that fans can buy. As the year closes out, I’m sure the band as a whole will release information on new music, shows, etc. But for now, the show in Dallas is one of their last of 2016 and it needs to be a great one.