Matt and Kim to take on Dallas November 3rd!

10.20.16 genebae

Music duo and power couple Matt and Kim are back in Dallas on November 3rd, for the first time since August 2015! It’s been a while, but I know they’re going to put on an amazing show here. Last time they were here they played a 21+ show for Budweiser, but this time it’s all ages! Each time Matt and Kim step onto a stage they make it their personal goal to make sure everyone is having the best time, and they definitely succeed. A fan favorite during shows is when Kim gets into the crowd to dance, everyone goes crazy! Back in May, at Hangout Music Festival, they said that they’re trying to do that less and less so that they can add new things to their set. This may be one of the last times to experience that! They are always trying to think of things out of the box and to put on a set that is different than what you see at every other show, and one of the latest things they’ve added to sets is the incorporation of a GoPro. I had not seen an artist use a GoPro, and especially not in the way they did, on stage before. They even made their newest music video, “Let’s Run Away,” using a wooden coat hanger, fishing wire, and a GoPro. They’ve been incorporating the GoPro in more and more shows, so be on the lookout for it!

What I love about Matt and Kim is that they defy the stereotypes sometimes set by music, as most people would assume Kim would be the singer. However, she actually plays drums while Matt is the lead singer. They are two of the most energetic performers I have ever seen, they just seem to be having so much fun on stage. A tradition of theirs is to throw one of their band t-shirts into the audience at the start of the performance, which is a really cool thing as it gets the crowd more hype. Also, their use of confetti is awesome. They definitely love their confetti, as it’s present at every show! It’s a good way to make the fans smile. They make sure the audience is actively engaged in their set, and they make sure that their visuals draw in the crowd. For the past two months Matt and Kim have been in Brooklyn, and while they have not been playing many shows they are now back playing a few shows. Dallas is one of the lucky few! After these last 5 shows, including Dallas, they plan to take a break for the rest of the year and some of next year in order to continue working on their new music.