Animal Collective @ Bomb Factory 11/16

11.10.16 genebae


After a four-year long absence, Animal Collective is making their way back to Dallas on November 16, 2016. Last time the idiosyncratic group set foot in the city the stage was adorned by tentacles seemingly growing out of the backdrop. If Animal Collective decides to up their ante from their psychedelic-Tim Burton like stage decor of last time, The Bomb Factory will be the perfect space for the band to unravel their vision onto us.

Animal Collective, have been together for over 13 years and have an extensive discography behind them; with 10 full length albums, a handful of EP’s and all band members account to their own solo side projects. They are juggernaut of creative output. Animal Collective’s sound is constantly evolving and their influences remain hard to pinpoint


The quartet defies labels, while briefly tied to the wave of freak-folk of the mid-2000’s with the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Devendra Banhart, and Joanna Newsom that descriptor came and went as quickly the name caught on. The only constant that exists in the band’s discography is their desire, and ultimately, their ability to create a kaleidoscope of sounds and an immersive music experience for its listeners. This collective (hah) of musicians tends to shapeshift their vocals, made to sound almost inhuman, and almost primitive. Their fusion of afro-beats, loop pedals, and just plain old weirdness are what give the band their edge, their output does not follow the law of diminishing return.

As someone that considers Merriweather Post Pavilion a formative album, one that taught me to look beyond the tired of formula of a verse, chorus, verse structures, I cannot wait to see Animal Collective in this phase of their career. The band is beyond the stage in their career of creating music to prove themselves to others; they are beyond creating for the benefit of staying in the cultural rolodex but rather, they are outpouring with energy


— Erika Bocanegra