Let Dallas Shake

12.8.16 genebae

920x920Fresh off her latest Grammy nominated album. The Hope Six Demolition Project, PJ Harvey is embarking on her first extensive US Tour in 10 years! Dallas is one of the 15 lucky cities that are getting the royal treatment and we are completely losing our minds over it.

PJ Harvey, who’s made waves since her debut album “Dry” in 1992 is one of England’s most venerated and idiosyncratic artists. Whether PJ Harvey is likening her love to menstruation like in “Happy and Bleeding” or painting us a painful story about losing a child like in “Down by The Water” or bringing to light the atrocities that occur in wartime like in “The Words that Maketh Murder”; Harvey has never been afraid to discomfort people. Her latest record is no different, The Hope Six Demolition Project borrows its title from a housing project in D.C. that was demolished to make way for newer housing that previous residents can no longer afford.



Harvey’s independent streak, commanding vocals, and mysterious ways have kept the public hanging on to her every word. However, she’s always preferred for her creative output do the talking for her and keeps a low profile. That was all true, at least, until last year when she made an event out of her five week album recording process. A total of 3,000 lucky ticket holders got to experience the maestro record her “multi-dimensional sound sculpture”, as it was referred. While onlookers could peer into what it takes for Harvey to create an album, she remained as elusive as ever. She could neither hear or see the people gawking their eyes at her work; in a way letting Harvey exist in her own little reality, It’s PJ’s world, we’re just living it.

We at the Bomb Factory are stoked to experience the fruits of those sessions accompanied by her 10-piece live backing band live

Grab your tickets here for this once in a lifetime opportunity!


— Erika Bocanegra