A Restaurant Where the Sun Is Always Shining


This week on the Neighborhood Spotlight we’re looking into a nearby favorite, where the sun is always shining, St.Pete’s Dancing Marlin.

The very popular local restaurant is known for their prime seafood, homestyle meals, gluten-free options and vegetarian dishes. Considering they’re only a small 200 capsize venue, their full bar and premium wines selections have always lured in the local residents.

According to their website:

The famous Dancing Tuna Steak Sandwich keeps neighborhood clients coming back, while the patio is a perfect place for the accidental tourist to sit, sip and people-watch the day away.

Pete Zotos, the owner of St.Pete’s Dancing Marlin has always immersed himself in the entertainment industry. Over the years, the legend himself has teamed up with several people in the entertainment industry and has even appeared on the Emmy Award Winning “Spirit of Texas” promotional announcement for WFAA-TV, Channel 8, Dallas’ ABC affiliate.

Considering his close connection with entertainment, St.Pete’s even offers local entertainment every Friday and Saturday, and of course cold beer (which we’re definitely a fan of)!

From their full vintage memorabilia and their warm ambiance to their electronic charging stations, you won’t want to miss a night with Pete. There are several restaurants around Deep Ellum, but there is only one St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin.

For more information visit them on their website, or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter. 

Address: 2730 Commerce Street. Dallas, TX 75226.

Contact Number: 214.698.1511