We Have A Serious Bobaddiction



This week on the Neighboorhood Spotlight we’re diving into the warmer season with Bobaddiction. This amazing gourmet Taiwanese boba tea and shaved snow food truck in Deep Ellum focus their business primarily on tea flavor and fresh quality ingredients in every drink.

So, what triggered Bobaddiction? Well, the truck kicked off with three young Asian-American professionals, Randy, Quang, and John, who are residents in the Dallas area. They were all originally employed full-time in their individual professions until they realized no Boba met their personal standards. That alone was enough motivation for the three men to combine their skills together and came up with the idea to create a food truck that would serve the residents in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area.

What is Bobaddiction and where can you find it?

Boba, a sweet chewy tapioca ball, is submerged in your choice of tea, which is typically combined with fruit and milk. Although, if you aren’t a fan of tea, there are several different options of tasty treats – a Taiwan delicacy called “shave snow” that also made the Bobaddiction menu (which is to die for).

The Bobaddiction schedule changes from week to week, but if you’re in town they also have a permanent stop shop open every week from Tuesday – Saturday from 12-9pm. Looking for a unique treat this summer? Head down to Bobaddiction for a treat or a free sample of any tea! For more information visit them on their website, or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter.

Address: 3014 Main St. Deep Ellum, Texas

Contact Number: (512) 763-BOBA(2622)