King of Teens: Lil Yachty, coming to The Bomb Factory this August

6.21.17 genebae



Lil Yachty is 19 years old and his latest release, an album aptly titled “Teenage Emotions” effectively reflects the chaotic yet carefree sentiments and experiences of someone at the height of their teenage years. In addition to this, Lil Yachty has developed an incredible brand for himself. His signature red braids and happy-go-lucky attitude have landed him pretty significant commercial success.

Prior to this album, Yachty has gained some notable footing in the mainstream with some help from rapper/singer D.R.A.M., being featured “Broccoli”, a song that reached number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 where it sat pretty for several weeks. This song was a pretty perfect introduction of Yachty into the mainstream. It’s flippant melody and bright, lively tone adequately fit into his desired “bubblegum trap” sound. This specific sound is only further achieved with the production of Teenage Emotions.

This album is a love letter to his fans and his momma, and delivers an overwhelmingly positive sound, appropriately capturing his tremendous gratitude to anyone listening. He’s a kid, and you don’t lose sight of that one bit when listening to his music, but it’s that shameless ownership of his youth that makes him so endearing. He uses his age to his advantage and never tries to be anything other than the kid that he is. I can see how some people might take issue with a rapper that rhymes “pork & rinds” with “pork & rinds”, or mistakes a cello for a woodwind instrument, but that dismissive carelessness of how people may judge him is what makes him so lovable and harmless.

He is treading new waters of rap, ignoring any sort of expectations or precedents previously made standard. It’s difficult to pinpoint specific musical consistencies amongst the 21 tracks on Teenage Emotions, but each one is unmistakably stamped with his style and enthusiasm. If you like Yachty, you love him, and if you’re Joe Budden, you don’t.

According to a review by Rolling Stone:

“Nineteen-year-old “bubblegum trap” sensation Lil Yachty is rap’s most polarizing figure. He joyfully hopscotches past hip-hop tradition in a way that’s not only antagonizing to old heads but actively unmoors rap from familiar ideas of rhythm and melody. On his debut album, Teenage Emotions, he brags that he has “never took a sip of beer” but has an intoxicated flow, crooning notes he can’t hit and enthusiastically rapping beyond the beat. Love him or hate him, he is probably going to change the world.”


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