Washed Out to perform Gorilla vs. Bear 6 next month


It’s that time of the year again. After months of anticipation, Gorilla vs. Bear finally unveiled the lineup for its sixth annual Summer festival last week. In association with Sound on Sound Fest, this year’s installment is scheduled for August 12th.

This time around, Gorilla vs. Bear incorporated a new set of hands to help curate the festival’s lineup. Famed chillwave progenitor Washed Out is set to headline the affair. But that’s only the beginning. The project’s mastermind, Earnest Greene, was asked to co-curate the festival with Gorilla vs. Bear’s most trusted tastemakers. The site is deeply enthused by the collaboration saying, “Washed Out is one of our favorite artists in the history of the site and we’re honored to have him headline and co-curate”.

In typical GvsB fashion, this year’s lineup features a slew of Gorilla vs. Bear’s favorite artists; all of which harness a unique knack for experimentation and sound. Opening slots include performances by Canadian electronic artist Jessy Lanza, house production wizard Jacques Greene, enigmatic art-pop duo She-Devils and more.

As for Washed Out, the artist will perform in support of his new visual album, Mister Mellow. The follow-up to 2013’s Paracosm, Mister Mellow is set to be released June 30th via Stones Throw. Greene threw down the album over the course of two years and will include the previously released single “Get Lost.”

If “Get Lost” is any indication, it’s evident Mister Mellow will explore new territories unheard in previous Washed Out efforts. According to Greene, the new album pulls influence from collage techniques often utilized by musique concrete and plunderphonics artists such as The Residents.

This inspiration, coupled with Washed Out’s lethargic bliss, amalgamates into a sound which sounds both foreign and familiar. The sound itself, which integrates a diverse sonic palette of jazz and house, fusses Greene’s eschewed pop sensibilities with a more contemplative approach. According to the artist, the album intentionally abandons any and all pretenses established by past outputs. The trademark glimmer and synthesized sheen of albums such as Life of Leisure and Within and Without are wiped clean in exchange for a more organic, rough-around-the-edges aesthetic.

By way of introduction, Gorilla vs. Bear is a Dallas-based music blog that’s made a name for itself as one of the world’s leading music publications. Since the site’s initial launch in 2005, it has been distinguished as an outlier voice for underground music; routinely highlighting a plethora of niche genres and styles.

The site’s numerous accolades include “mp3 Blog of the Year” by The Morning News and “Best Music Blog” of 2008 by URB. In addition, Gorilla vs. Bear hosts an award-winning weekly 2 hour show on SiriusXM Satellite Radio and regularly puts on live concerts in and around the greater Texas area.

“When we want to hear exceptional new music–not just anything, but stuff selected by people with respectable eardrums–we go to Gorilla vs. Bear…GvsB’s picks are knowledgeable yet friendly; they want you to hear it because they love it. And if another blogger found it first, they’re only too happy to give credit where it’s due.”
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