GvsB6 Spotlight: Jacques Greene



Jacques Greene is a Canadian electronic DJ and producer from Montreal, Canada. He will be performing at this year’s Gorilla vs. Bear festival alongside Washed Out, Jessy Lanza, and She-Devils, among others. In less than three years, Greene has made it his ongoing mission to defy pre-existing notions of what house music can do and be. He introduced himself to the world with two EPs on LuckyMe and Nightslugs. With a handful of formidable EPs and remixes under his belt, the hard to define producer went on to collaborate with such established musical veterans as Jimmy Edgar, The XX and Radiohead.

With a fresh crop of hopeful musicians trying to make it in the digital age, with platforms such as Soundcloud or Bandcamp being readily accessible, Greene instead toured incessantly; garnering a devoted fan base while honing his overall sound.

A chance to see Greene perform live should be read as an opportunity to piece together his enigmatic range of influences. His hyperactive, pop confections mingle R&B with the sensibilities of a PC musician. That’s not to say his sound is completely divisive, though – there’s plenty of immediacy and mainstream appeal to his sound.

After having established himself with these projects, Greene launched his very own label, Vase, in 2011. Greene co-owns the label with manager, Joe Coghill Vase. Along with artists like Koreless, Zodiac, Arclight and Gorgeous Children, Greene also is known to release his own music on the label.

In 2012, Greene released a three tack EP called Concealer, his first release on the Vase imprint. The release directly echoes the electronic-tinged, sample heavy sound he’s known for. The following year, Greene released the On Your Side EP on Lucky Me records. In 2013, a collaboration between Yours Truly and Adidas Originals enlisted Greene and several other contemporaries to compose a new batch of songs. Named, ‘Songs From Scratch’, the series included an exclusive joint track by Jacques and Tinashe titled ‘Painted Faces’. After that project, Greene released one more EP in 2014 titled After Life After Party.

Still, despite his increasing profile, word of a full-length effort remained hushed. After years of speculation, the musicians finally dropped his full-length, Feel Infinite, this year. The record is a concept album that chronicles Greene’s experiences on the club scene and the emotional gamut that permeates them.

Greene divulged more details in an interview with The Fader, saying, “Your job, your taxes, the way you’re dressed or present yourself at a dinner party, that’s not real. I would say that once you’re four drinks deep and listening to a song that you enjoy, and you’re with friends or trying to woo a girl or a guy — that’s true.”

Like his previous works, Feel Infinite amalgamates earth-shattering club beats with disjointed pop melodies. It’s a surprisingly confident and poised release, given Greene’s quiet demeanor and bashful internet presence.

The album’s lead single, “You Can’t Deny” is an ethereal mix of funk and house and serves as an excellent introduction to Greene’s. With the album, the musician effectively produced a new palette of dance music that extends to genres of the past and the unknown future.

It’s evident Jacques has established the blueprint for a new wave of producers and DJs yet to come. Don’t miss him at this year’s GvsB fest, on sale now! For a quick primer on Jacques and other GvsB performers, check out our Spotify playlist below.