Fall Shows To Get Excited About

7.27.17 genebae

In the spirit of newly announced shows, and in anticipation of shows that have been on the calendar for weeks, here’s four shows I’m most looking forward to this fall at The Bomb Factory.

Father John Misty • September 30

Father John Misty is an artist that seemingly holds the weight of the world’s imperfections on his shoulders, yet never misses the opportunity to crack a joke. He’s currently touring his latest album, Pure Comedy, and will be coming to the Bomb Factory on September 30. The songs on Pure Comedy have an easy-going cadence, mildly trailing behind a densely concentrated word-count of dark and confused lyrics. His way of talk-singing his rambles, sentiments, and social commentaries (as exemplified in albums Pure Comedy and I Love You, Honeybear) have become the norm for Father John Misty. His body of work is riddled with painfully constructed ballads, and is most likely going to be significantly expanded soon. He recently announced that he has a new album already in the works.

For someone who basically stumbled upon a solo career that has grown into somewhat of a cult-following, Father John Misty is one of those artists that doesn’t seem to care very much about fame, almost to the point where his departure from it seems threateningly imminent. That of course, is just one more reason why we should all go see his live shows whenever we can. Tickets on sale here.

Portugal. The Man • October 14

Portugal. The Man has evolved dramatically over the years, from People Say to Feel It Still. With each new album, they have veered more and more towards alternative pop, and have moved further from the experimental psych-rock that they started out with. Although, they have maintained an integrity behind their work that is true to their psych-roots. Their live shows are subtly captivating. After seeing them live for the first time, despite having no prior familiarity with their music, I consequently went on a Portugal. The Man binge that lasted about a year and a half. For this reason, they will forever be one of my favorite bands, and one who’s shows I will always attend. If you’re a fan of Always Sunny, they’ve been known to cover the Charlie Kelly classic, Day Man. Alternatively, they have, in the past, played a cover of Pink Floyd’s, The Wall mixed slyly with their track, Purple Yellow Red And Blue. All this to say, essentially there’s something for everybody at a Portugal. The Man show.

If you haven’t listened to their new album, Woodstock, start by watching the video for Noise Pollution, above. Give them a listen, watch their videos, and familiarize yourself with the subtle John Gourley-isms that define the band’s one of a kind sound and aesthetic. Tickets for this show go on sale this Friday, July 28.

A$AP Mob • October 18

A$AP Mob just announced a US tour, and they’ll be in Dallas on October 18. A$AP Mob has been together since 2006, and while any one of these rappers would put on a must-see show, there’s almost assuredly nothing quite like seeing all of them on one stage together. While A$AP Ferg won’t be at every show on tour, it’s pretty notable that we here in Dallas will be fortunate enough to host him. A$AP Mob’s recently released song, RAF, just gained a visual supplement, and this video encompasses all that the A$AP collective embodies, the best music, fashion, style and art. A$AP Rocky is definitely the most commercially known member of the A$AP collective, and is heavily featured not only on RAF, but also on a couple of new Lana Del Rey songs, A$AP Twelvyy’s latest single, and on “Who Dat Boy” by Tyler, The Creator. It’s safe to say its the season of Rocky (long live). I’d venture it’s also safe to say Rocky’s nothing without his crew, and lucky you, tickets to see the whole crew go on sale this Friday.

A$AP Twelvyy’s full length album is expected to drop this August, and you can watch the trailer and pre-order “12” here. Utilize the next couple of days to brush up on your A$AP knowledge, clear the calendar for October 18, and buy your tickets sooner than later.

Nick Murphy – October 25

Nick Murphy may not be a household name, but you may recognize some of the tracks he released under his former name. He made his mark with his work as Chet Faker, but has carefully abandoned that identity entirely in order to make music that is more personal to him, under a much more personal name. He claims Chet Faker was a “project” for him, and that it’s over now. While that’s hard to process for Chet Faker fans, there’s no need to feel downtrodden, although they have separate Artist pages on Spotify, they are the same man. Although his name has changed, his music hasn’t strayed too far. His latest release, Missing Link EP, features a track with KAYTRANADA, and is sonically spellbinding. Nick Murphy’s music is heavy, dramatic, and layered. His songs are a constant contrast of his crooning vocals and the percussive, electronic sound that constitute his instrumentals.

The song “Your Time” (featured above) will more than likely convince even the most Chet-Faker-oblivious listeners to attend the nearest Nick Murphy show. If that’s the case, tickets for this show are on sale here.