GvsB6 Spotlight: She-Devils


The musical duo comprised of Audrey Ann and Kyle Jukka will be touring their self titled debut album, The World Laughs, this summer. The band, known as She-Devils will be performing at this year’s Gorilla vs. Bear festival alongside prominent electronic artists such as Washed Out and Jacques Greene. The band’s debut is inspired by art-house aesthetics prominent in the ’60s. Though not very reminiscent of that era, the pair still piques interest with samples based track-loops. This approach serves as the foundation for the band’s sound, amalgamating into something that’s both expressive and perplexing.

Aesthetically, the band resembles ‘60s girl group pastiche and antiquated textures and sounds into a fractured, yet alluring sphere of sounds.

Currently signed to the Secretly Canadian label, the pair has been one of Montreal’s most premier live acts, performing mostly in the city’s underground circuit. Like any up and coming artist, the band garnered attention with its provocative live performances and word of mouth. Ann and Jukka first met while living in Montreal’s Mile-End neighborhood in 2014. Mile-End is Montreal’s main arts hub, known locally for its unconventional arts community and music scene. The duo’s first foray into music came in the form of an eponymous debut EP, which they released independently in early 2016. Secretly Canadian signed the band the following year.

Ann and Jukka immersed themselves in this scene during the She-Devils’ formative years. With regular stints performing at art spaces and DIY venues, the two were able to grab the attention of local praise. The She-Devils were able to thrive with consistent live performances, but their following has quickly into a formidable force. In the few years they’ve been together, She-Devils has climbed its way to the peak of Montreal’s music scene. The group has drawn comparisons to fellow Canadian mainstays like Dirty Beaches and Majical Clouds.

Although She-Devils’ music expresses a community-first mentality and the ongoing plight of being a struggling artist, their music is capable of reaching any listener. In other words, the music isn’t defined by a particular scene; it transcends the underground upbringing with which the band immersed itself in. The band explores diverse themes—love, childhood and the feeling of being misunderstood in a world that won’t accept you.

This approach to music-making hasn’t worked for everyone, but it has for them. And The World Laughs is strangely representative of that. The music is warped and mind-bending, yet all the more relatable and pragmatic. Throughout the band never loses sight of its experimental roots, all the while catering to the sensibilities of new listeners. Pulling obvious influence from the likes Serge Gainsbourg and the sultry blonde flair of Brigitte Bardot, the She-Devils succeed at being unconventional and welcoming all at the same time. This is largely due in part to Ann’s perplexing vocal delivery, which channels Bjork’s staccato vocals with laser-sharp precision. Some songs beg to be explored, while some transport you to sonic lands filled with complex emotions. She-Devils does both, while never losing sight of its unique artistic vision.

Check out the lead single from The World Laughs.

Don’t forget to catch She-Devils at this year’s GvsB festival. Tickets available here.

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