Nick Murphy (fka Chet Faker): New name, EP, and tour. Here’s to new beginnings.




Nick Murphy, formerly known as Chet Faker, is a New York-based Australian producer and musician who became a virtual hit, catching the attention 42 million after uploading his cover of Blackstreet’s “No Diggity”. Wanting to avoid being confused for an established Australian musician named Nick Murphy,  he choose to pay tribute to “Chet Baker,”  stating how he grew up on jazz, “The name is kind of just an ode to Chet Baker and the mood of music he used to play—something I would like to at least pay homage to in my own music.” This soul influence is found mixed electronica in his debut EP, Thinking in Textures. on the Opulent label in 2012. He has since collaborated with the talented electronic producer Flume in his EP LockJaw, released on Future Classic which is praised for its ability to “mix subtlety with beauty,” while his 2014 debut album  release Built on Glass, on Downtown Records showed a downtempo soul music influence.

On September 8, 2016, Faker tweeted, “It’s been half a decade since I started releasing music as Chet Faker and all of you have been the driving force behind the music since. There’s an evolution happening and I wanted to let you know where it’s going. The next record will be under my own name, Nicholas Murphy. Chet Faker will always be a part of the music. This is next.”Days after this announcement Murphy released his first singles  “Fear Less” and “Stop Me (Stop You)” under his own name.

On March 9, 2017 Murphy would reveal what he would be “next,” with the release of  the EP “Missing Link,” as well as announcing an extensive world tour that features headline shows in North America, Australia and Europe.

Listen to Missing Link, via Spotify below and don’t forget to catch Nick Murphy’s live show, supported by Charlotte Cardin and Heathered Pearls, right here at The Bomb Factory on October 25th. Tickets available here.