4.9.18 genebae

There’s nothing like a night at the symphony.

Violins emerge from their cases, the musicians begin to rosin their bows. The cellist mounts the endpin in the floor and catches the eye of her fellow musicians. The moment of perfect stillness before the players launch into their first piece of music, a rousing rendition of “Life’s a Bitch” from Nas’ seminal ’94 debut Illmatic.

OK, we didn’t say it was your typical night at the symphony. But it’s close to what you’ll experience if you buy a ticket to Array at the Bomb Factory on May 12, headlined by the 13-time Grammy-nominated rapper. In a bold move for the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, select members will be performing live with Nas on several songs.

The lineup for the one-night-only event, part of the DSO’s multisensory and multidisciplinary SOLUNA International Music & Arts Festival, pairs world-renowned performers with Dallas’ best creative minds. Array is all about mixing genres and giving you experiences you can’t have anywhere else.

And, yeah, Nas + the DSO is totally unexpected. But it also makes a lot of sense.

In the ’90s, Queens-native Nas set the stage for an entire generation of MCs with Illmatic, which pushed the boundaries of hip-hop as a storytelling medium with its vivid, poetic depictions of life on the streets. It’s widely considered the best rap album of all time.

Since then, Nas has released 11 more albums, seven of which have gone platinum. In all, he’s moved 25 million albums. And he’s never stayed in his lane.

Throughout his career, Nas has consistently pushed for collaboration across mediums, lending his talents in surprising areas, such as TV shows (The Get Down) and even musicals (Hamilton).

Nas is about breaking rules. And that’s a lot like SOLUNA.

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