Brand New

Brand New

Nada Surf

Sun, October 29, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm

This event is all ages

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Brand New
Brand New
In the middle of the year 2000, after years of playing together in previous bands, Brian Lane, Jesse Lacey, and Garrett Tierney recruited guitarist, and soon to be friend Vincent Accardi and formed Brand New. After a year or so of “doing their time” and the obligatory, and seemingly endless runs of self booked shows and tours, the Long Island quartet finally recorded and released their first record, Your Favorite Weapon. As it set the course for the next decade of music the four youths were to embark on, the record also established what would become both a longtime musical partnership and friendship with local Producer/Engineer, Mike Sapone, who is sometimes referred to as a fifth member of the band.

As YFW went on to sell its 300,000 copies, the band delved into multiple U.S. tours, both headlining and supporting such bands as The Get Up Kids, Dashboard Confessional, and Finch. It was their friends in Finch who eventually took Brand New overseas to the United Kingdom in 2003 where the band played its first shows on foreign soil. In years to come the band would return many times, loyal to the following they had cultivated, headlining show after sellout show including Brixton Academy and Hammersmith Apollo as well as playing a short arena tour with Incubus. The four NY youths also received coveted festival slots at Reading/Leeds, Glastonbury, and Give It a Name.

In June 2003 Brand New released their beloved and best selling, Deja Entendu, which they recorded in North Carolina with producer Steven Haigler. Besides the familiar US headlining tours the band was now playing, they followed the album with two music videos for the singles “The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows” and “Sic Transit Gloria…,” as well as television appearances on Fuse TV, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and MTV.

“It was on the Warped Tour that summer that we had really started to notice things growing,” said singer Jesse Lacey. “We entered Canada on that tour playing to hundreds of people each show, and then I guess people had started to listen to the record, and then the videos started rotation, and by the time we got back to the US we were playing to thousands every day. It was exciting, and we were grateful to be able to watch something we had created take new shape right in front of our eyes like that.”

Deja Entendu was later certified Gold and is touted by many of the band’s fans as their favorite album from the Long Island foursome.

That was until 2006’s The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me.

Brand New's third album and major label debut, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me, was released in November 2006. The work on Devil and God was long and went through several iterations. The band worked on some early tracks with renowned mixer/producer Rich Costey (Mars Volta, Ash) in East Hampton in the dead of winter; found themselves in Mississippi with veteran producer Dennis Herring (Modest Mouse, The Hives), and wound up finishing the recordings with old friend and producer Mike Sapone in the rural mountains of New England. Recruiting Jesse’s cousin, Derrick Sherman, to join them on stage as a touring guitarist, more touring followed as Brand New teamed up with Dashboard Confessional and Thrice on separate North American tours, played Lollapalooza, and hit Australia and Europe with a mix of headline shows and festivals.

In late 2008 the band headed back into the studio to start work on their forthcoming album, Daisy, due for release September 22nd, 2009. This time the project started and finished in Mike Sapone’s basement studio where the band slept, ate, and eventually eked out all the tracks for the record which was then mixed by Dave Sardy (Barkmarket, Cold War Kids, Oasis) in California. The band’s schedule for the Spring/Summer of 2009 includes German festivals, a short UK tour, another Reading/Leeds appearance, and a startling return to the small clubs where it all began.

Brand New are aiming to release a new record by the end of the year, their first album in six years.
Nada Surf
Nada Surf
Having recorded five albums in ten years and toured extensively in support of all of them, Nada Surf — singer/guitarist Matthew Caws, bassist Daniel Lorca, drummer Ira Elliot and guitarist Doug Gillard (now official fourth member, more on that later) — opted to follow 2012’s cracking The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy with a brief but well-earned hiatus.

So in January 2015, when Caws informed Nada Surf’s vociferous Facebook following that a new record was just about done, the news was greeted with explosive enthusiasm. The music was in the can, he announced, and all that remained was to finish up a few lyrics and sing a few vocals; something he planned to do on off-days off during an upcoming solo acoustic tour. Caws even included a photo of the recording set-up he was bringing in the car.

“I was so eager to have an album done that I believed in it as it was,” Caws recalls. “But the great thing about being ‘finished’ is that you can take a breath and evaluate, because the pressure to ‘do it’ is gone. The more I listened and thought about it, the more I realized that I might want to keep working. Also, I’d sent the tracks to my friend Josh, who runs Barsuk Records, the label we’ve been on since 2002, and he said ‘It’s great,’ but followed that with a pregnant pause. I got the message. I didn’t take that as a critique as much as a belief that I could do better. It was very freeing,” Caws continues. “There were already a bunch of songs in the can that we all liked, so I could think more expansively about what the album could be.”

Caws’ instinct to heed his inner editorial voice proved to be spot on: he dropped a few songs, tweaked others, and wrote a few more that, “definitely feel different from what we’ve done before,” he says. “Believe You’re Mine” was rejiggered and sped up, while “Cold To See Clear” – originally penned for a collaboration to be named later with Michael Lerner of Telekinesis – was deemed a better fit for Nada Surf. Just before starting You Know Who You Are, Caws had gone to Los Angeles to write with Dan Wilson, who in addition to his success with Semisonic, has won two Grammy Awards for his songs with Adele and the Dixie Chicks. They weren’t writing for anyone in particular, they just wanted to see what would happen. Caws felt so good about “Rushing” and “Victory’s Yours,” that he asked Wilson if he could include them on the new Nada Surf album. Wilson gave the green light, and even offered to contribute backing vocals. When the band returned to Hoboken, NJ for another round of sessions with producer/guitarist Tom Beaujour (Jennifer O’Connor, Amy Bezunartea), the songs were tracked.

And lo and behold, what would have been another really good Nada Surf album (their seventh since getting signed to a major in the go-go 90’s and scoring a worldwide alterna-hit with “Popular”) became what could well be the most representative collection of the group’s two-decade career, all while pushing towards whatever comes next. While the band has always had a surplus of horsepower for velocity rockers and an astounding level of confidence live, they’ve been gaining the discipline and finesses to change gears, more so with each release. Captured in the album’s 10 tracks is every beloved facet of the band, but You Know Who You Are also finds much on offer that stands apart from anything previously heard in the band’s diverse catalog. “Animal” is a stream-of-consciousness Dylan-by-way-of-the-Stones existential love song, while “Gold Sounds” somehow manages to be equal parts Krautrock and folk rock. The latter track had its genesis in a South By Southwest queue as Caws made small talk with a fellow gig-goer who turned out to be General Manager at St. Louis’ independent, non-commercial KDHX. Caws was standing with sometime touring Nada Surf keyboard player and occasional mixing collaborator Louie Lino, now running Resonate Studio in Austin. “Maybe we should make you a jingle,” Caws suggested.

“If you do, we’ll play the shit out it!”

Unable to resist the challenge, Caws and Lino banged out a classic radio theme song for KDHX Program Director Chris Bay’s weekly “Gold Soundz” broadcast. The tune snuck into band practice and then morphed at the Nuthouse from a 30-second ditty into something else altogether, thanks in large part to Elliot’s hypnotic beat and the “wild twinkly magic” contributed by Gillard. “I still don’t understand how he did that,” Caws says. “It’s like Zeppelin flutes played by a unicorn.” “Gold Sounds” serves as an ideal reminder if one is required that Caws might be the tunesmith and man up front, but Nada Surf is now and has always been very much a band.

“I may write the songs,” Caws says, “but we put them together together.”

Some of the new sonic diversity must be due to Gillard’s ever-growing presence, touring with the band since 2010, but a newly official fourth member. While he recorded a lot of overdubs on the last two albums, this time Doug was involved from the first practices onward. Known for his vaunted chops and keen melodic sense, honed as a member of such iconic Ohio outfits as Guided By Voices, Death of Samantha, and Cobra Verde, Gillard adds spark, heft and heightened interplay to Caws’ personal, prismatic songcraft, making a sound that was already melody-rich and hook-filled even richer.

After taking a detour with 2013’s Minor Alps collaboration with Juliana Hatfield, his first after thirty years of writing songs, Caws has returned as a writer more willing than ever to follow wherever his gut takes him. Nada Surf are chasing their own worlds, their own kind of connections with listeners. “Sometimes it feels like, to our audience at least, we are two or three different bands at once,” Caws concludes. “It seems some people are looking to feel better, for encouragement getting over their obstacles, for help figuring life out… not that I’ve done that myself, other people are looking for love songs, and then some others just want to rock.”

You know who you are…
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