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with very special guest Meg Mac

Tue, June 16, 2015

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm (event ends at 11:59 pm)


This event is all ages

Amy Lee (Korean name: Lee Yejin; Hangul: 이예진, born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Ailee (에일리), is an American singer signed to South Korean record label YMC Entertainment. She released her first single, "Heaven", in February 2012. Life and career: Early life and career beginnings: Ailee was born in Denver, Colorado on May 30, 1989, but grew up in New Jersey. She attended Palisades Park Junior/Senior High School before moving to Leonia. She graduated from Scotch Plains-Fanwood High School, and went onto study communications at Pace University before dropping out to pursue a career in music. She got into singing by creating a YouTube channel called "mzamyx3" and later "aileemusic" because she wanted to garner more attention to her singing on the web. She moved to South Korea in 2010 after she landed an audition through her uncle's connections. She sang Big Mama's "Resignation," and was recruited on the spot. Before her K-pop debut, Ailee was signed under Muzo Entertainment, an independent agency based out of New York and New Jersey, where she collaborated with several artists, such as Johnnyphlo (who is also signed in Korea) and Philadelphia-based rapper Decipher. During her trainee days under YMC Entertainment, she was featured in Wheesung's "They Are Coming" song released on October 9, 2011. Ailee was also featured in Decipher's song "Catch Me If You Can", which also featured Jay Park. Ailee performed with Jay Park, Art of Movement, Johnnyphlo, Decipher, and Clara C at "projectKorea III" at Rutgers University in 2010. On September 13, 2011, Ailee along with Wheesung held a performance on the MBC's Chuseok special episode of Singer and Trainee. Ailee's stage presence was immediately felt by the audience, who were amazed that she was like a professional singer, even though she had not yet officially debuted. Following her solo performance of "Halo" by Beyoncé, singer BMK expressed, "Wherever she goes, she has the potential to be a big star. She definitely has the voice." After the judges had graded everyone, Ailee won first place. 2012: Debut, Invitation: On February 6, the music video teaser for Ailee's debut song, "Heaven", was released. "Heaven" was written and produced by Wheesung. On the 9th, Ailee released the song and the music video, which featured Beast's Gi Kwang. Later that day, she made her debut stage performance of "Heaven" on M.net M! Countdown, and then on SBS Inkigayo on February 11. Just one month after her debut, she won two awards at the Cyworld Music Awards--"Song of the Month" and "Rookie of the Month". In March 2012, Ailee made her first appearances on KBS's Immortal Songs 2 with performing Patti Kim's song "Light and Shadow" from 1967. On May 19 of part 2 of the 'J.Y. Park' special, Ailee performed J.Y. Park's debut song "Don't Leave Me". She beat Davichi's Lee Haeri by 1 point, 419 to 418, for the win. Later on June 30th episode, Immortal Songs 2 featured composer Yoon Il Sang. She performed "Fate" by Lee Seung Chul and won again with 402 votes. In August, it was announced that Ailee was making a temporary leave from the show in order to focus on her music. She performed her final stage on August 6, and the episode aired on September 1. Later in August, Ailee made an appearance in the 3rd episode of Jay Park's online web series, Jay Park TV, where she was backstage attending Park's concert in Seoul. Ailee also, co-hosted the ABU Radio Song Festival with Han Seok Joon which took place on October 11, 2012. On October 16, Ailee released her debut mini album, Invitation which contained the title track, "I'll Show You" (보여줄게). The mini album contains six tracks. It was produced by producers such as Kim Do Hoon, Lee Hyun Seung, Park Guentae, Duble Sidekick, Wheesung, and featured artists such as Verbal Jint, Swings and Simon D. On October 18, Ailee made her comeback with "I'll Show You" on M! Countdown. 2013-2014: A's Doll House, Japanese debut and Singing Got Better: On July 4, 2013, Ailee announced that she would release her second mini album entitled, A's Doll House, on July 12, 2013. The album's single "U&I", topped music charts within 4 hours of release and earned Ailee her first "All-Kill" status. Popularity for the physical album was also deemed high when nearly all stores in Korea were sold out of the soloist's album on the first day of release. Orders overwhelmed the amount of stock, and a representative from Ailee's agency stated, "The rate at which this album is selling is many times greater than the previous album's." On August 4, 2013 was revealed that Ailee will be making her Japanese debut with "Heaven" under Warner Music Japan. The music video was released on October 21. Ailee started to promote the song with a showcase at Shibuya O-East, Tokyo on October 21. The single was released on November 6, and also included the song "Starlight". On September 14, 2013 it was announced that Ailee will release a digital single "Higher" with pianist Yiruma. On September 16 "Higher" was released online. On December 16, 2013 it was revealed that Ailee will be making a comeback after a 6-month hiatus in January 2014. A music video teaser was released on January 2 ahead of the full release. Both the full Music Video and the full digital song was released on January 6. The music video features MBLAQ's Lee Joon. "Singing Got Better" reached #1 on Korea's major charts: Mnet, Bugs, Olleh, Soribada, Naver Music, Daum Music, and Genie. 2015-present: First solo concert & album: According to some korean reports, Ailee will be holding her first solo concert in the Gymnastic's Stadium at Seoul Olympic Park in July. It was also said that she will reveal her first full studio album since her debut at the same time.
with very special guest Meg Mac
with very special guest Meg Mac
Meg Mac's soft-spoken demeanor belies a big stage presence and an even bigger voice. Delivering starkly cinematic lyrics filtered through a Detroit/Memphis inspired sense of dark soul, that voice serves as the centerpiece of her 2015 debut "Meg Mac" EP [300 Hundred Entertainment]. It's also a big reason that the Sydney, Australia singer and songwriter has already drawn buzz from the likes of The New York Times and BuzzFeed and enjoyed a veritable breakout moment stateside at SXSW. However, Meg began developing her "instrument" as soon as she could speak.

"My mother used to teach me everything in song," she recalls. "My last name is really hard to spell, so I learned how to spell it because my mum made up a tune. That's when I began singing."

Growing up with four siblings and a father who would blast Ray Charles and Van Morrison at full volume, Meg started taking formal vocal lessons at the age of nine. In between playing piano, she was always singing and she started writing songs as a teen. Her first recording "Known Better" received heavy airplay on Australia's Triple J after Meg submitted it to Triple J Unearthed in 2013.

Constantly engaging her growing fan base by responding to nearly every online comment and handwriting "thank you's" to fans, she sold out her first headline tour. Triple J named her "Unearthed Artist of 2014," while Marie Claire Australia chose her as an "Artist To Watch" for 2015 and she received a nomination for Rolling Stone Australia's "Best New Talent" Award. Across the world in New York, 300 Entertainment caught wind and signed her.

The "Meg Mac" EP is the culmination of her tireless work over the past few years, capturing both raw emotion and searing soul. "Music is definitely a way for me to get things out," she admits. "Otherwise, they sit in my head and stay there. Once these issues become songs, they are just songs for me to sing, it's like they're just songs, and they're not real anymore. How I feel at the end is different than how I felt at the beginning. I don't ever rush. It has to be real and come to me naturally because, at the end of the day, I can't get on stage and sing something if I don't believe in it."

You'll believe in it as soon as you hear her. EP opener "Roll Up Your Sleeves" begins with a soft piano melody before blossoming into a heavenly hook of, "Everything is gonna be alright." She explains, "It's as if I wrote a letter talking to myself. That's how it started. It's hard to do the right thing sometimes. It can be scary. It's easier to pretend you don't care, but I'm assuring myself that if I do the right thing, it will work out."

Elsewhere, the jazz-y beat and smoky energy of "Turning" would feel right at home in a film noir, while Meg takes blues luminary Bill Withers' "Grandma's Hands" and brings a modern panache down to the Delta. "I really started to appreciate Bill Withers a few years ago. There is something about this song that made me want to sing it the first time I heard it. I love putting my own spin on the song and performing it live!"

"Known Better" pensively ponders regret, while "Every Lie" walks the line between gospel bombast and blissful alternative soul. It's another confessional from Meg who adds, "It's probably obvious that was the first time I felt a bit burned by someone and had a breakup. I was in shock because I'd never had these feelings before. If there is one lie and you found it -- you can drive yourself crazy thinking about all the lies that you didn't find."

All of these stories really come to life when she hits the stage though. Her voice can fill any room, while her delivery swings between intimate and intense. "It requires heaps of singing," she affirms. "I try to involve everyone, I don't close my eyes when I sing really, I try to look everyone in the eye. I want to give them everything and let them know how I feel."

That's undoubtedly what Meg will continue to do as she tours worldwide and releases her first full-length album in late 2015. The spotlight is going to stay on her and that voice...
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